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Are you looking for the perfect shade of purple or an exceptionally eye-catching ochre? In Runescape, Prismatic dyes are for you.
You'll now find eight new colour slots on the recolour interface for compatible cosmetic override outfits. Each dye you purchase lets you set a colour for one of these slots, chosen from a colour wheel.
Save up to eight of your favourite colours, and use them to your heart's content. Should you ever need to replace one, simply purchase another dye from the store.
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Runescapegold2007 was established in 2006. It has been focusing in providing runescape gold, runescape power leveling, runescape account, runescape items, runescape equipments and other runescape stuffs. Runescapegold2007 takes customers’ satisfaction as our first aim.

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Some Runescape Artwork Created In Players' Gallery

In Runescape, the Players' Gallery is a fantastic opportunity for you to show off your artistic talent. Here's the scoop from Gallery 51!



Last week we announced the winners for the 51st Player Gallery, "Simply the Quest". Congratulations to V O R P A L and Arthur II, who came in joint first place, winning themselves some exclusive signed & framed artwork. You can see all the entries on the forums.


The Players' Gallery page will be updated soon with all the images that players have created and sent in. We have seen some truly amazing artwork created by the RuneScape community and can't wait to showcase it all.

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